Matthew Hoe

3D artist and software developer designing VR experiences exploring the mind/body connection.

Virtual Bytes

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This Is Your Brain On VR

VR Memory Research Using Google Poly

Live Demo
UX & user testing, 3D modelling/design, WebVR pipeline & asset optimization. WebVR/WebGL, JavaScript, Firebase database.

WebVR research experiment testing the efficacy of VR for language learning using the memory palace memory technique.

Unity VFX: Live Motion Tracked VR Performance

Writeup / Video / Unity Package Dance Hack
Live VR performance & packaged experience: Unity VFX (particles/shaders/animations) synced with realtime motion capture via Vive pucks, leap motion hand tracking, wireless Vive headset (TPCast). Integrated with custom motion capture software.

VR Room Arranger

Live Demo
VR UX & user testing, 3D modelling/design, VR pipeline & asset optimization. React.js, WebVR/WebGL, JavaScript, Firebase realtime database.

Arrange furniture & visualize room in real time across multiple clients in VR. 3D furniture created based on real furniture products.

Voice Controlled VR Self Defense App

Demo/Neuroscience & Tech Writeup
Unity, 3D modelling & asset creation, VR design

Learn to assert personal space by shouting STOP at the monster, and learn to respect boundaries by then embodying the monster yourself and STOPPING when the girl tells you to.

Dance With A Ballerina

Live Demo Neuroscience/Tech Writeup
3D Modelling/rigging/animation of character (Blender3D), VR environment/UX design. Utilized cutting edge motion capture technology & pipline to capture & render virtual dance performance. WebGL, WebVR, Javascript.

Dance with a motion captured professional ballerina in VR, and experiment with expanding your sense of self through VR interaction.

Portal Gun

Live Demo Neuroscience/Tech Writeup
WebVR UI/UX design, 3D modelling & texturing, WebVR sound design. WebGL/WebVR, Javascript.

Test how different VR environments effect your mood and memory by teleporting from one WebVR world to another using the portal gun from Rick and Morty.

Social Anxiety VR App Made With Google Blocks

Live Demo Neuroscience/Tech Writeup
Traditional & VR 3D modelling & asset creation (Blender3D, Google Blocks), VR environment design & UX testing. WebGL/WebVR,Javascript.

WebVR experience designed to help those with social anxiety/stage fright to safely confront their fear of being watched.

Chamber - WebGL projection art installation

Live WebGL Demo Video Explanation
3D modelling, WebGL 3D animation, data visualization of ECG heart data.

Projection art made for CHAMBER, an interactive art installation & dance performance in collaboration with Kinetech Arts. Worked with diverse team of data scientists, artists, musicians, poets and dancers to create interactive multisensory experience.

CATSPACE - WebVR meme museum experiment

Live Demo
JavaScript, WebGL/WebVR, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, AJAX, web scraping.

WebVR experiment exploring the future of memes and shared VR spaces. Users can move, scale, and configure 3D artifacts generated from scraped online memes. Every change to the space is saved to a database, and persistent over clients/sessions.

Self Portrait - Tilt Brush

Speed Painting & Art Writeup View In Google Poly
Tilt Brush self portrait modelled around portrait and profile reference images using Tilt Brush's image gallary feature.

WebVR Treehouse - Made With Google Blocks

Live WebVR Demo View In Google Poly
Traditional & VR 3D modelling & asset creation (Blender3D, Google Blocks), WebVR pipeline. WebGL/WebVR,Javascript

Treehouse modelled in Google Blocks, processed and optimized for animation in Blender3D and exported to be experienced in WebVR.

Suspended In Space - Tilt Brush

View In Google Poly
Figure study drawn with Google Tilt Brush

The Reach - Tilt Brush

View In Google Poly
Figure study drawn with Google Tilt Brush

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Virtual Bytes is a VR community research, education, and art collective. We release a new VR demo every two weeks exploring neuroscience, art, dance, and the mind/body link.